Welcome to our world

Birds eye view almost on completion of the big grand design build.

I pinch myself every day and inhale a big breath as I wonder how I came to this moment. It’s been one heck of a journey and I can’t pinpoint the beginning and can only imagine the end, if there is one, or simply just the next step.

Jim, during the construction – So close you can touch it

Everything in my daily life is so very different from the emotions and sensations that go through me while I stand on the beautiful deck at Moonraker House today, overlooking the tree canopy onto what I believe is a world wonder. A large rock, like a big fossilized split dinosaur egg, or as it has become more commonly known Split Apple Rock, nestled neatly among  smaller rocks, as they seem to float in the drifting sea. This special creation of Mother Nature sees thousands of visitors each year, who stop for a brief moment and take their pictures  as a memory before moving onto the Abel Tasman National Park in the water taxis. Some visitors venture the steep windy track from the road to the beach, but from whatever angle you view the rock, there is no view quite like the one we have from Moonraker House.

Split Apple Rock up close

The solid innate granite beauty is an ever changing canvas as the sun and moon rotate around from the east. The weather depicts the atmosphere, from shepherd’s delight to dark and moody, but whatever the weather, the view is always stunning and never exactly the same. The tide follows dutifully, depending on the magnetic draw of the full or crescent moon as it casts shadows and twinkling reflections as dramatized by the moonrakers themselves many years ago.

A beautiful full moon mood – just one of its canvases

We boast that we are “so close that we can touch it” and started the trend to manipulate the camera as if to cusp the rock in our palm from the 9.5 meter high deck. As funny as this seems, it really is true. Only a minute from this deck and I am walking on the golden sand. Depending on the tide I can easily swim to the rock itself.  Many fit and able people do venture in the water and have fun spanning themselves across the two halves of the apple. There is something so majestic about it, everything so bizarrely perfect, a beautiful natural backdrop so ancient, yet enjoyed on occasions as fresh as a marriage celebration, a symbol of new beginnings.

Caitlin & David – just one elopement couple taking the plunge

It’s a new beginning for Jim and me too. At last we see our dream fulfilled from the ‘wing it’ kind of way we live our life and we now open the doors to you, so you can see what I see and pinch yourself to realize it’s true. You are on a very special holiday!

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